Shipment Tracking

Multiple Tracking

Q3. How should I deliver an Export Cargo?

Reach AAT

  • For driving:
      - Enter AAT at South Entrance (Gate GE1or GE2) using 
        i-pass (or apply a single entry i-pass at Facility 
        Management Office (FMO) at G/F or Customer Service Counter on 1/F upon arrival) 
      - Proceed to truck park area at T1 or T2
  • For walk-in
      - Proceed to truck park area at T1 or T2

Cargo Delivery
1.  When truck dock is available, your truck plate and assigned 
     truck dock number will be shown on truck dock allocation 
     display panel. Notification to the driver can also be through 
     other means such as Interactive Voice Response System 
     (IVRS) for truck dock arrangement.
2.  Proceed to designated loading area at T1 or T2
3.  Provide your truck plate number to AAT Staff and start to 
     unload your cargo
4.  Proceed to security check for Quality Control Program (QCP) 
     or as per other requirements
5.  Obtain Reception Check List (RCL) issued by AAT staff

Proceed to Export Document Counter at T2 1M/F for documentation
6.  Tender AWB and other relevant documents (if any)