Shipment Tracking

Multiple Tracking

Information Technology

Apart from the advanced Material Handling System (MHS), AAT also makes use of up-to-date information technology software to ensure smooth operation and on time delivery of cargos.

Cargo Management System (CMS)
Fully integrated with government, airlines and other air cargo community systems, AAT's web-based CMS provides a comprehensive suite of e-services offering access anytime, anywhere to registered users through the internet. This gives greater flexibility, enhances transparency, and enables the most up-to-date information to be taken into account when making critical decisions.

Truck Control System (TCS)
Truck Control System makes use of RFID technology to monitor, allocate and control traffic flow within the terminal. Linked to Cargo Management System (CMS), TCS can allocate the truck dock nearest to cargo storage locations automatically and helps reduce waiting time to boost efficiency. Meanwhile, the system can capture data, which facilitates monitoring and analysis of service standards.

  • i-Pass
    The use of RFID technology requires all vehicles entering the warehouse to possess an i-Pass and displayed at windscreen, a RFID tag that contains information of the vehicle number, registered company, driver details and contact information. The i-Pass allows the system to identify every single truck and allow it access to limited areas and alert AAT of unauthorized entry, which enhances the security control of the terminals.
  • Multi-channel Truck Dock Notifications
    Once the truck driver has selected the incoming purpose, and a truck dock is available, the system will notify the truck driver of the assigned truck dock number through various channels, including Entrance & Truck Dock Gate Kiosks, Interactive Voice Response System via phone call, Truck Dock Allocation Display, as well as Self Service Kiosks.