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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of data usage
The purposes for the obtainment of data via. the internet and/or this website by Asia Airfreight Terminal Company Limited ("the Company") include the following:-

  • for the proper performance of services by the Company including the processing and handling of cargoes and/or documents;
  • cargo/cargo owner identification and/or verification;
  • business analysis relating to the Company;
  • forwarding of the data to other parties for the purpose of service providence (including customs clearance);
  • marketing of the Company's services (by way of e-mails or otherwise); &
  • security purposes.

2. Privacy Policy of the Company
The Privacy Policy of the Company concerning data obtained via. the internet and/or this website is outlined as follows:-

  • the data obtained and maintained by the Company are correct and accurate to the reasonable knowledge of the Company;
  • all data collected are used exclusively for the purpose for which the data are to be used at the time of its collection;
  • the Company shall use reasonable means to ensure that the collected data are safely & appropriately maintained and are safeguarded against unauthorized accesses, tempering, amendments and/or deletions;
  • the Company shall, on the reasonable requests of the relevant data subject, provide within a reasonable time the details of the data in the possession of the Company on the said data subject and provide reasonable access to the same & shall on his/her/its request, make the necessary corrections to such data;
  • in the event that any data are no longer necessary to be maintained, the Company shall within a reasonable period delete the said data from the database of the Company; &
  • notwithstanding the above, the Company shall at all time comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and all other relevant legislations.

For the avoidance of doubt, the phrase "the Company", for the purpose of this policy, shall include and shall deemed to include all subsidiary company(ies) of Asia Airfreight Terminal Company Limited.