Shipment Tracking

Multiple Tracking

Value-added Services

To provide more comprehensive services, a series of value-added services are available for customer's selection.

Cargo Security Screening
Cargo Security Screening e.g. X-ray screening, ensures that your cargo meets the air cargo security requirements.

Re-labeling and re-packaging
AAT's cargo-handling staff will breakdown client's cargo into bulk shipments and re-label them, so that different business partners can collect the cargo conveniently.

Scheduled Empty Units Release
Freight forwarders are welcome to use our Scheduled Release of Empty Units service to reserve a time slot for collection of empty ULDs. Freight forwarders only have to arrive at the terminal on time and collect the empty ULDs after completing related documentation.

Import scheduled collection
Import cargo will be arranged at the dedicated truck dock at the scheduled time requested by freight forwarders for their collection.

Cargo Storage
AAT's warehouses are equipped with advance cargo handling systems containing 4,850 bulk cargo storage positions and 1,750 build-up cargo storage positions, allowing us to provide reliable cargo storage service for you.

Cargo Build-up
The services include cargo build-up before export and during cargo's transit through AAT to help you save cargo handling time and manpower.

ULD Collection & Delivery
Our fleet provides the services of collection and delivery of ULDs throughout Hong Kong, from the consignee or the agent's warehouse.