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AAT Jointly celebrates the 1st Year Anniversary of HKIALP Pilot Scheme

AAT has jointly celebrated the 1st year anniversary of the HKIA Dongguan Logistics Park (HKIALP) pilot scheme, which offers sea-air intermodal transshipment service, including the setup of an upstream logistics park and an airside intermodal cargo pier at HKIA. Our CEO, Mike Chew, has the honour of participating as a speaker during the ceremony in Dongguan in April, extending our warmest congratulations to HKIALP on the remarkable milestone.

AAT has been actively participating in the scheme since its launch, providing our airline customers with a smooth flow of shipments through this innovative solution. Congratulations again to HKIALP on their success in the first year in strengthening logistics operations and fostering trade growth in the region. We look forward to continued collaboration and future milestones as we navigate the exciting opportunities in the air cargo industry together.