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Successful conclusion of AAT’s Safety & Health Week 2024

“Before You Start, Be Safe and Smart” AAT Concludes Safety & Health Week 2024!

We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of AAT's Safety & Health Week 2024 with the theme "Before You Start, Be Safe and Smart." Throughout the week, participants enjoyed engaging activities aimed at promoting safety awareness and well-being.

The event featured interactive game booths hosted by departments and contractors, offering a fun way to raise awareness and win prizes. Participants also took part in a thrilling Safety Hunt Game, spotting safety boards scattered across terminals and answering related questions.

A refreshing Let's Chill Yoga Workshop provided relaxation and mindfulness, while a Safety Quiz Competition challenged participants' safety expertise through an exciting quiz.

Lastly, the Ramp Operation Competition showcased the skills and teamwork of AAT's talented members.  The week's success was made possible thanks to the commitment and participation of everyone involved. Together, we build a safe and healthy work environment!