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Introducing New Useful Features of an Enhanced AAT Mobile Plus

Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd. (AAT) is proud to launch an enhanced AAT Mobile Plus which is specially designed for AAT's customers! In this enhancement, the AAT Mobile Plus is upgraded with more new features to serve customers better. It enables cargo agents, shippers and consignees to check and collect the AWB summary, Electronic Cargo Arrival Notice (e-CAN) and truck queuing status via the AAT Mobile Plus.

AAT is the first Air Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to launch mobile apps for customers and partners in 2011. "AAT Mobile" and "AAT Mobile Plus" offered airlines, cargo agents, shippers, and consignees more convenient alternatives besides the telephone hotline and web portal to access flight and shipment status. From the valuable user feedback, AAT quickly developed two new key features for the mobile app namely, "e-CAN Message" and ‟ Truck Queuing Status" to greatly facilitate the logistics workflow and management of cargo collection time.

To protect the information owner and ensure the data security, a user must have an "AAT Internet Management System (AIMS)" account to use the new functions through AAT Mobile Plus. With AAT Mobile Plus, users can easily and conveniently access the details of shipment information by using their smartphone anytime and anywhere.

For first-time login AAT Mobile Plus, users have to sign in for registration. The user interface of AAT Mobile Plus will show "Agent Pending". After verification on the user's information, the status will change to "Agent Registered" and the user can start enjoying all the exciting useful new features of AAT Mobile Plus!

For first-time login, click 
"Sign in" for registration
Type your name, title and 
email for registration
Registration successful (Top)
Verification done (Bottom)

e-CAN message notifies users of inbound cargo status

The "e-CAN Message" function allows customers, who successfully registered the AWB no. in AAT Mobile Plus to receive a friendly pop up reminder on their smartphone once the shipment breakdown is completed. The e-CAN function will also automatically send a notification to the registered account of AAT Mobile Plus. This new function allows cargo agents, shippers and consignees to receive the status of cargo shipment instantly.


 You will automatically receive an e-CAN message on
smartphone (left) and the registered account of AAT
Mobile Plus (right), once the shipment breakdown is 

  Shipment details of an 
e-CAN Message

Truck Queuing Status shortens process time

The new "Truck Queuing Status" function enables agents or forwarders to check and monitor their trucks queuing status with AAT Mobile Plus. After registration of the truck number and truck code, the app will show the declared incoming purpose and current queue number of the registered truck.  Once the truck is allocated a truck dock, more information will be shown on the app, including an allocated dock number and allocated time. "Truck Queuing Status" function minimizes the truck queuing procedures, shortens the process time and provides much convenience to cargo agents, shippers and consignees.

Truck icon for registration on 
"Truck Queuing Status"
Current queue number of the
registered truck shown on the
A dock number and time
are assigned to the truck

"AAT is a pioneer in the industry to launch the mobile app and these new enhancements are again our innovations to delight customers and facilitate the air cargo community." said Mr. Khaw Hock Eng, General Manager of AAT. "We will always continue to drive for the highest level of customer satisfaction and service excellence through innovative products and services solutions."

The enhanced mobile app - "AAT Mobile Plus" is now available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.














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