Shipment Tracking

Multiple Tracking

Q4. How should I collect an Import Cargo?

Reach AAT

  • For driving:
    - Enter AAT at North Entrance (Gate IE1 or IE2) using 
       i-pass (or apply a single entry i-pass at Facility 
       Management Office (FMO) on G/F or Customer 
       Service Counter on 1/F upon arrival)
    - Proceed to truck park area at T1 or T2
  • For walk-in
    - Proceed to truck park area at T1 or T2

Proceed to Customer Services Counter at T2 1/F for documentation
1.  Provide your Air Waybill number
     (Bring along your identity, the company’s stamp, and letter 
     of authorization, etc. for SRF issuance)
2.  Settle payment at the Cashier counter
     (either by cash or company’s crossed cheque made payable 
     to “Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd.”)
3.  Collect Shipment Release Form (SRF) and invoice

Collect cargo
4.  When truck dock is available, your truck plate and assigned 
     truck dock number will be shown on truck dock allocation 
     display panel. Notification to the driver can also be through 
     other means such as Interactive Voice Response System 
     (IVRS) for truck dock arrangement.
5.  Present your SRF to AAT staff at Cargo Collection Office  
     at T1 G/F or T2 1/F to retrieve cargo
6.  Perform clearance by Customs or other authorities (if 
     applicable) and return SRF Cargo Collection Office 
     with respective chop(s)

Leave AAT
7.  Pass the SRF (red copy) to security guard at exit gate 
     for security check before leaving