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New X-ray Machine with Dual View Automatic Detection



AAT is pleased to introduce further stringent upgrade of the security application for X-ray screening from September 2015. With increasing global concern and heightened aviation security in the industry, AAT has installed a new Smiths Detection X-ray machine to enhance the quality and reliability of security screening. The new X-ray machine also meets the security requirement set by the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


Automatic Detection of Weapons, Explosives and Narcotics

The advanced content tracking function of the new X-ray machine, named X-ACT, offers an automated procedure for recognizing any suspicious objects including weapons, explosives and narcotics in cargo shipments. The suspicious objects will be color-framed according to their material origin. This tool assists our professional X-ray machine operator by localizing suspicious zones in an object. Our operator can also be alerted for further inspection as the alarm will be triggered off and the conveyor belt will be automatically stopped.


Reliable and Effective Inspection by Dual View

The new X-ray machine is equipped with two generators arranged in a 90° opposition, thus beaming in two directions (Dual View). This particular screening mode facilitates reliable inspections of tightly packed objects in one process while shortening inspection times and increasing effectiveness of our screening procedures.

This new X-ray machine is conveniently located at 1st floor of AAT Terminal 2. The overall process of export cargo checking is streamlined to achieve higher operational efficiency and time-saving benefits. The security level for cargo acceptance has also been further enhanced as the automatic detection function fastens and improves the quality of recognition.

Mr. Khaw Hock Eng, General Manager of AAT said, "AAT remains in the forefront to innovate and introduce new services and facilitations to the air cargo industry. This new X-ray machine together with our highly reliable cargo operation services is important in response to the increasing global security concern and air logistics needs."



A new X-ray machine with "Dual View"     and "Automatic Detection of Weapons,     Explosives and Narcotics"

The new X-ray machine is conveniently located at 1st floor of AAT Terminal 2                                         


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Fact Sheet - AAT


Asia Airfreight Terminal Co., Ltd. (AAT) is the Air Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) that provides total airfreight solutions in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). As a key link in the supply chain, we understand our dual role of raising the industry standards and increasing customer satisfaction. We are focused to invest in state-of-the-art facilities and establish stringent service standards. Ultimately, it is building strong lasting affinity with our customers that matters at AAT.

AAT has invested in state-of-the-art facilities, established stringent service standards and developed a user-friendly IT system to meet the high demands of the air logistics industry. AAT's web-based Cargo Management System (CMS) opens up a suite of e-cargo solutions to customers and users by fully integrating with government, airlines and other air cargo community systems. With over 400 employees, AAT's team of well-trained professionals has consistently exceeded the service standards set by the Airport Authority Hong Kong and its customers.

AAT has also put in place internationally recognized management systems, including ISO9001:2008 to ensure proper documentation of its procedures and continuous improvements in its processes. Moreover, AAT has also been awarded Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001:2007 for its continuous effort to improve the management systems for employees' health and safety. In addition, AAT has successfully certified as the Platinum Member of Cargo 2000 GHA and attained ISAGO Registration. In terms of security, AAT has attained the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Freight Security Requirements (FSR) Warehouse Classification A Certification (enhanced 2014 Version), the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) - the highest Tier 2 status of compliance to required security and safety standards accredited by Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department (the first Air Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) in Hong Kong to attain such accreditation), and the EU Regulated Agent (RA3) status. AAT has also accomplished the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Certification for Pharmaceutical Products, demonstrating AAT's commitment and determination to drive the industry standards forward.


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